By Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

Equal, but…

“Kids Do as Well with Same Sex Parents,” the headlines screamed. I crossed swords with Judith Stacey, one of the authors of this most recent study, at a debate at Bowling Green State a few years ago. I asked her point blank if she believed men and women were completely interchangeable as parents. In front of that very friendly audience, she said absolutely: the gender of parents doesn’t matter. And so she says now, in this new article the media loved. But midway through the article, her argument shifts from a “no difference” argument to my favorite definition of feminism: men and women are identical, except women are better. Her article ends with an intimation that I believe tells strongly against same sex marriage. Redefining marriage will create a cultural climate that will drive men out of the family, and lead to the belief that the only good man is a gay man. (more…)

Heterosexual Monogamous Marriage: The Key to Equal Rights for Women

Oscar Wilde once said, “Marriage is the one subject on which all women agree and all men disagree.”[1] It would appear that Wilde’s assertion is a dated one, for these days there is a large population of men who are very anxious to be married—to each other. There are also many women who reject the concept of gender roles entirely, and who strongly disagree with marriage. Wilde’s statement, though trivially given, seems to be a strong indicator of how times have changed, as homosexual marriage and other household arrangements besides that of heterosexual marriage are promoted in every sphere from religion to politics. However, it is my belief that if equal rights for women are ever to be achieved, men and women both must be overwhelmingly in agreement about the importance of marriage. Unfortunately, the promotion of heterosexual marriage has not seemed to form a part of the feminist movement or the fight for equal gender rights; in fact, some argue that the feminist movement has led society away from marriage by opening the door for homosexual marriage advocates. Yet the only way to achieve truly equal rights for women is through monogamous, heterosexual marriage, and for this reason it is the arrangement the state must privilege above all other household arrangements.

Male Domination and the Female Fight for Rights

Any discussion of gender rights necessitates an understanding of how things began. For this we must look to human history, which gives us many examples of violence in the human race, especially male violence inflicted upon females. One need look no further than human biology to understand the prevalence of male-on-female violence: physiologically, males have an undeniable advantage over females when it comes to upper body strength.[2] This physical advantage is augmented by the fact that the responsibility of reproduction renders females weaker; firstly, the male desire for sexual intercourse with the female may lead to rape, injury or even death. Secondly, the periods of pregnancy and childbirth lead to greater vulnerability and weakness in the female. Due to the historical physical domination of males over females, physical coercion of females ensured the dominance of male force over female will. This in turn led to a social order in which men were the superior beings, while women became inferior. (more…)

by Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D

Older women who have chosen since their early years to forgo lifelong relationships in pursuit of casual, non- commital sex are actually writing about it, and quite explicitly at that! Wisdom did not come with age for these grandmas, who still haven’t figured out that they made the wrong decision long ago. (more…)

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by Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D

First published at June 12, 2007.

Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed composed a truly revolting edition of “Opus,” just one week before Fathers Day. The cartoon published Sunday June 10 was appalling not only for its unadulterated, unapologetic male-bashing. The cartoon is also a sickening foretaste of what awaits us as same sex parenting becomes normalized. (more…)

by Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D

Published at May 8, 2007.

The stay at home mothers of America have been taking a pounding from the literary elites. Two recent books decry the trend of educated women staying home full-time with children. Linda Hirshman exhorts women to Get to Work, while Leslie Bennetts believes she sees The Feminine Mistake and wonders “Are we giving up too much”? Both Baby Boomer professional women worry that the younger generation is making a mistake. At the very least, these authors argue, women should keep their professional skills fresh, simply as strategic protection against the risk of divorce. But if marriage is a lifelong collaboration between women and men, a good and stable marriage can help women meet both their professional and personal goals. Mothers’ Day is a good time to reflect on spousal cooperation. (more…)