Robert W. Patterson

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Since President Obama moved into the White House, the unemployment picture has gone from bad to worse. Unless things turn around, 2011 may be the third consecutive year with unemployment exceeding 9 percent, a first since the Labor Department began tracking the stat in 1948. (more…)


by Robert W. Patterson

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Second of a three-part series

While boasting the know-how to fix the health care system and rebuild the economy, the political class claims a curious impotence when it comes to family breakdown. (more…)


by Robert W.  Patterson

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Third of a three-part series

It may be unfair to indict the political class for lack of nerve in addressing family breakdown.

Even as the retreat from family life became pronounced among the low-income population and has devastated the poor, Congress deep-sixed Aid to Families with Dependent Children in 1996 in hope of reversing the rise in out-of-wedlock births among African Americans that had raised the Irish ire of Daniel Patrick Moynihan 30 years before. (more…)

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by Robert W. Patterson

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With his daring deficit reduction plan, House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin deserves credit for courageous fiscal leadership. But he is painting Republicans into a corner if he thinks exploding federal outlays can be reduced without addressing underlying family demographics. (more…)