Delivered January 23, 2012 in Olympia, Washington

by Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

I am here today to address those of you who have already made up your minds to redefine marriage.  History will not be kind to you.  Previous generations of social experimenters have caused unimaginable misery for millions of people.  Particular people advocated the policies that led to today’s 50% divorce rate and 40% out of wedlock childbearing rate. None of these people has ever been held accountable. (more…)

by Jennifer Roback Morse

This article was first published at September 16, 2011.

Last week’s hearing in the California Supreme Court on whether the proponents of Prop 8 have standing to defend the measure in court seemed to go well for the defenders of natural marriage. But another issue lies beneath the surface of the court arguments. The issue is what kind of people are the marriage redefiners: Ted Olsen, Rob Reiner, and the American Foundation for Equal Rights? (more…)

by Maggie Gallagher

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Presidential candidates in the next election should uphold marriage as the union of one man and one woman. (more…)

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by Maggie Gallagher, founder of the National Organization for Marriage

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Some say that no one will oppose gay marriage a few decades from now. They used to say the same about abortion.

When I was, well, a few years younger than Tim Muldoon is today, the message of despair now directed at marriage was directed at the pro-life movement. All the powerful elites favored abortion. Media coverage of anyone who was pro-life was dreadful. All the wives of Republican power-brokers favored abortion rights. If you said you opposed abortion, people would shout, “You are calling my sister a murderer!” They informed me that by the time I turned 50, the pro-life movement would be dead because young people were so pro-choice. (more…)


by Robert W. Patterson

Robert Patterson is the editor of Family in America, a publication frequently graced by the writings of Dr. J and other Ruth Board members. This article is especially timely, given that it talks about Nixon’s holiday surprise, and given that we are still arguing over proper government policy toward contraception.

This article was first published in The Examiner on December 23, 2010.

When he signed the Family Planning Services and Population Research Act of 1970 on Christmas Eve 40 years ago, President Nixon missed the irony of starting a campaign to reduce “unwanted and untimely childbearing” just as the country was about to celebrate the “unplanned” birth of a baby born in poverty 2,000 years before. (more…)

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