by Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D

This article was first published April 24, 2006 at National Catholic

The word martyr conjures up images of Christians being thrown to the lions in the Colosseum and Nero burning Christians for torches at his garden parties.

But it is possible for us to give compelling witness to the faith without blood being actually shed.

In this sense, Catholic Charities in Massachusetts was martyred last month, when the bishops decided to stop offering adoption services, rather than deny the faith. While no one was killed, the Church suffered publicly: world-wide negative publicity, mass resignations by the lay board members of Catholic Charities and lost opportunities to serve the children of Massachusetts. (more…)


Study after study confirms that children do best when raised by a married couple, and worse when reared by a cohabiting couple. Yet the ACLU has been pursuing a legal campaign against states that have adoption laws which favor married couples. And just last month the Arkansas Supreme Court bought the ACLU argument and struck down laws that banned adoption by cohabiters. But there is some good news: At the end of the month, Arizona’s governor approved a law giving preference to marriage couples. Brad Wilcox explains. (more…)