What we’re thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving!

To honor this special day, we’ve collected brief statements from college students and professionals involved in diverse ways in the marriage and life movements, and in the Ruth Institute. Here is what we are thankful for:

“I’m grateful for how the Ruth Institute has been so supportive of young adults like myself who are passionate about speaking on issues of sex, relationships, and marriage, by generously helping coordinate and fund events that give us an opportunity to do just that! I cannot tell you what it means to have just an amazing organization believing in and supporting me, providing the tools, education and connections I need to be effective.” -Joanna Hyatt, ITAF 2011, professional chastity speaker in the L.A. area

“I’m grateful for attending the Values Voter Summit this year and meeting the brave (and I do mean brave) people at National Organization for Marriage who continue to fight for traditional marriage.” -Aaron Wong, ITAF 2011, head of Campus Republicans at University of Southern CA

“I’m thankful for The House of Representatives stepping up to the plate by hiring excellent attorneys to defend the Defense of Marriage Act when the attorney general tried to throw the case. I’m also thankful for the students who have attended the Ruth Institute ‘It Takes a Family’ events.” -William C. Duncan, Director of the Marriage Law Foundation

“I’m thankful for all the countless young men and women who have seen ‘Eggsploitation’ and have been better informed about the risks of ‘donating’ eggs.” -Jennifer Lahl, founder and national director of The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network

I am grateful for the opportunity to meet so many thoughtful and virtuous peers at the Strengthening the Family conference this past October. Despite alarming trends in the culture at large, I found hope for the future of marriage and family though my interactions with them.” -Charles Capps, Stanford alumnus, and winner of the essay contest at Students for the Family in the Young Professionals category

“I am grateful for being connected with people who support me in the cause of Truth.” -Kendel Christensen, ITAF 2009,  graduate of BYU

“I’m thankful for the Ruth Institute encouraging academics to work on family issues. I’m also thankful that Stats Canada finally gave me permission to work with a master data file to study same sex couples.” -Doug Allen, Economics Professor, Simon Fraser University

“I am thankful the  National Organization for Marriage, and for articulate, persuasive, well-informed advocates like Maggie Gallagher, Jennifer Roback Morse, and Prof. Robbie George who speak in defense of marriage and the marital family, and who help and inspire others to do the same. I am thankful for the Constitution and laws that protect and encourage such important counter-cultural, counter-elite advocacy.” -Lynn Wardle, Law Professor, Brigham Young University “

“I am grateful for God’s hand in my life.” -Michael Worley, ITAF 2011, BYU law student

Dr. J’s gratitude list:

The European Union ruling that you can’t patent human embryos.

A pro-life Catholic Republican defeating a pro-same sex marriage Jewish Democratic candidate in NY’s 9th Congressional district, a heavily Jewish district that has been Democratic since the 1930s.

The CA Supreme Court ruling that the Prop 8 proponents have standing to defend Prop 8 in court.

All the friends and benefactors of the Ruth Institute, and last but not least,

Twenty-seven years of marriage to Rob Morse, the first and still finest “Friend of Ruth!”


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