by Jennifer Roback Morse

This article was first published at on April 13, 2012.

A social conservative decodes the racket that passes for an answer to her questions about liberal causes.

In my work as a social conservative, I have been puzzled by some of the rhetorical strategies of my opponents. Sometimes I feel my head spinning, as if I have been going around in circles, with no obvious conclusion in sight. I have been seeking the key to understanding them, a Rosetta Stone that will allow me to translate what otherwise appears to be mere hieroglyphics. (more…)

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Lawmakers must look past the “equality versus religious freedom” standoff, and consider the substantive merits of each particular case. (more…)

by Anne Morse

Should women suffering from anorexia take pills to suppress hunger? Should women suffering from fertility take pills to suppress babies? (more…)

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Washington, DC, February 22, 2012

As students and members of Vita Familiae at The Catholic University of America, we oppose the HHS contraceptive mandate. A society that insists that contraceptives be distributed for free is a society that values pleasure over the dignity of the human person. Contraception is not necessary for women’s health. In fact, there is abundant evidence that contraception can be harmful to women’s physical and psychological health. It turns the woman into an object to be used rather than a person to be valued and makes it easier for women to do the same to men. (more…)

by Jennifer Roback Morse

This article was first published at on February 9, 2012.

No, I’m not exaggerating. The American experiment in religious liberty is officially over. The First Amendment provided institutional structures that allow different religions to peacefully coexist. All groups agree to not try to capture governmental structures for the benefit of their own particular denomination. (more…)